Understanding how the body is processing blood sugar is the first step toward picking more healthful snacks in the evening and before bed. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out my last two posts on my Facebook page to understand more about this.

Little scientific evidence points to an ideal bedtime snack, but researchers believe that beneficial snacks will contain:



-High levels of protein

-Healthful fats                                 

-Limited carbohydrates

Foods with this composition may help limit blood glucose spikes during the night and ensure lower blood glucose levels in the morning.




Try one the following healthful snacks before bed to help manage blood sugar levels and satisfy nighttime hunger:

A handful of nuts

A hardboiled egg

Air popped Popcorn

Roasted Chickpeas

Sliced apple and peanut butter

Rice cakes with hummus or nut butter

Sugar-free greek yoghurt

A handful of seeds

Baby carrots, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes with a good high in protein cheese