How it works


How L.A Diabetes Coaching works

It’s clear you would like to stop worrying about diabetes and weight loss, but you can’t achieve that by doing nothing about it. It will not happen without taking concrete and effective steps consistently.

Action = reaction

Everything you do has a consequence on your physical and mental health.

The first thing is to be aware of our daily actions and not to ignore the convenient ones we do out of habit. Because if we repeat those everyday and they have a negative impact on us, they could be the ones preventing us from reaching our weight loss and diabetes control goals.

”Will I have to completely change my lifestyle?” -NO

”Will I have to stop eating what I like?” -NO

”I don’t have much time, will it fit in my busy schedule?” -YES

When there’s a will, there’s a way. 

So how do we do this, and what are those principles and actions? 

1. We will use the natural positive reinforcement you have each time you see yourself progressing and achieving each small goal we set. On top of that I am here to motivate you along the way as your coach and to hold your hand as your cross every finish line, bringing you one step closer to your goals.

2. We will progressively unaccustom your body to the habits it is used to. How? By replacing and adjusting daily meals, tricking it a little by having moderate carbohydrates and low carbohydrates days so that your body restores its insulin sensitivity while we provide it with the right nutrients and vitamins it needs.

3. Insulin dictates two periods, the first being when it is released during a meal and stays available during a specific length of time in which we are storing energy in the form of carbohydrates, protein and fats from our meal (insulin doesn’t only regulate carbs storage in our cells, it intervenes with proteins and fats too).

And the second period of time is when we are fasting and do not release insulin, which is also the period of time when we are burning or using the stored energy from our meals.

We will be controlling the release of the hormone insulin by implementing an eating window. An eating window is an amount of hours in which we will have to fit our meals of the day.

We will be taking advantage of the length of time science tells us that insulin is released and available in our blood stream once we eat, and use it in our favor so that once our eating window is closed, we can spend a decent amount of hours in fat burning mode without triggering insulin release in order to deplete our cells of energy, burn stored fat and once again, increase insulin sensitivity while maintaining our blood sugar stable.

Those are the main principles used in this program and once we master them, we will start experiencing great improvements in our weight, blood sugar, energy and overall wellbeing.

We also implement light and fun exercise with guided tutorials that can be done anywhere, anytime without the need to go to a gym, unless you want to of course.

You will need to find ways to use up all the newly found energy you have!

Sleep is also crucial in our program and the lifestyle adaptations we take naturally regulate it. You can rest assured each night that you are taking the right steps for your health and it is no longer a burden or constant worry of ”what am I doing wrong or not doing right?!”

What my program is loved the most for is the inner peace it provides you with, and this is indeed priceless.

The Coach’s message

”I started my work as a diabetes coach because I was sick and tired of seeing Type 2 diabetic patients struggling and concerned about their health without knowing what to do to improve it.

There are very simple steps you can take to lose weight, feel better and live a great life if you are willing to listen and adopt small changes and if you really want to feel your best again.

If you are not serious about your health on the other hand, no amount of information, knowledge and motivation will help, it needs to come from you, the will to regain control of your health and happiness has to come from inside of you. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU.

If you are ready to get there without wasting time, starving yourself, yoyo dieting and killing yourself with exercise, I will give you the tools you need, all in one place for you to start implementing right now.

No person with diabetes should be left with emotional distress and desperation because of lack of knowledge and information on how to properly handle their condition.

The ”I don’t have time” issue is yours to fix, you need to be ready to place your health as your top priority if you decide to work with me.

Bear in mind you can’t focus your attention on your other dreams, goals and projects if you are constantly worried about your health. So let’s take this burden off of you and give you a feeling of achievement and affirmation that you are indeed doing your best for your health and you are seeing the results from it each day, both physically and mentally”.

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