There is a difference between not accepting yourself as you are because you are unhappy in your own body and you feel settled in it with no option to change what you dislike because you believe you can’t, and not accepting yourself as you are right now because you believe you can do better.

What differentiates the first from the second? The level of belief and love you have for yourself.

In the first case, if you don’t accept yourself because you are unhappy with the way you look, the way you feel, what you do in and with your life and you are convinced this is what you have and that’s it, you settle for that, then guess what? Your situation isn’t going to change. You are going to continue to feed yourself with negative self-talk and stay in that pattern of guilt, not feeling enough, not being happy.

In the second case, if you know deep down that what you’re currently doing is not the best you can give, and you want to give it your all and breakout of your shell, then girl, it’s time for you start that and seek help from someone who will support and believe in you by giving you the tools you need and pushing you through the hard times until you finally reach it.

I heard this sentence the other day in a video and it really hit hard: WE ACCEPT THE LOWEST STANDARD WE HAVE FOR OURSELVES.
So imagine what can happen if we raise those standards a tiny bit higher, put in the action, see what we’ve achieved and reevaluate.
Don’t let any disease or obstacle that comes into your life trick you into believing less in yourself and your abilities.

When I coach my ladies for putting their type 2 diabetes in remission the first thing we work on is to switch from a desire to change because I dislike myself and I am disrespectful towards my own self by feeding my mind negative stories about who and what I am, to wanting to change because I care for myself, I care about my body and I want to take better care of it.

That change that you are looking for, it needs to come from a place of self-love and acceptance of your now. That, along with the desire to make it better by adopting little positive lifestyle changes every week, will ultimately change you into becoming the person you can feel confident and radiant in. The person you will see as beautiful when you look in the mirror and be proud of who you have become. That can only happen when you take action. Consistent action that is fueled by your belief that you CAN achieve your goals and you CAN achieve that A1C number and feel healthy.

The answer to the title is, yes.
So tell me, are you willing to believe that and put in the action?