When you say you will start eating right tomorrow, when you get new sports shoes to start the exercise you’ve been talking about doing for some time, do you realize you are making promises to yourself unconsciously?

You are telling yourself, ”I love myself and I want to thank my body for giving me the possibility of moving and doing all the things a healthy body can do, and I want to be able to keep doing those things for a long long time to come”.

Would you break a promise you made to someone you love? If all it took was for you to dedicate some time to make that promise come true, wouldn’t you do it? You love that person and you want to keep your word because you have integrity and you want your loved ones to distinguish you for that. So why do you break the promises you make to yourself? Aren’t you important enough? Don’t you see that if you neglect making time for yourself you will eventually become sick both mentally and physically, and then you will run out of time, not only for you but for the ones you love too. And they need you and want you to be around for a very long time but they can’t take care of you, only you know how to do that best. You know better than anyone else what is good for you.

So please stop leaving that for later because I am afraid how long later has been until now, and start, even little by little, taking small steps of self-care everyday. Do the things you promised to yourself that you would do, so that you can TRUST yourself.

Your self-talk is not something to disregard, it is deep rooted desires that your mind wants you to accomplish. You have so much to be grateful for, and for what is left you can achieve by actually listening to those things you say you want to do, those things can be the gap that lies between your complete happiness and feeling of fulfillment, and the person you are now. It is already in your mind, it’s up to your actions to make it happen!