Did you know your perception on life can harm you? Did you know that when you are not happy, fulfilled, and in a loving environment your body and each cell in it are affected by it?

I think there is a lot to curing chronic diseases that is missing in the medical field. When we first discovered antibiotics to kill bacteria, it was a breakthrough. A pill that can cure your illness. We then found the need of prescribing a pill for each disease we knew of. As a result, we could almost say nowadays patients don’t feel their doctor has given them a solution to their problem if they don’t have a pill prescribed to them.

diabetes pills

But what if there is more to treating type 2 diabetes than pills or medication? Of course the problem manifests as a physical alteration in our pancreas which can be managed with pills, but are we treating the underlying problem? With new findings being published about epigenetics and cellular biology we are discovering that despite having genes that make us more prone to develop a chronic illness than others who do not, the disease itself comes to life through environmental triggers.

Worry and anxiety make your cells feel that you are under attack.

Your immune system is a beautiful machinery that does a wonderful job protecting you from disease. But it needs you to feed it a positive perception, your cells need to feel you are in a good environment for them to grow and thrive. Stress shuts your immune system off. Worry and anxiety make your cells feel that you are under attack. Not showing yourself love and compassion and living in an automatic way led by subconscious unhealthy habits is what leads you to make unaware decisions on a daily basis out of a programmed automation you have built over time. It translates into not making right choices when it comes to nutrition, not moving your body as it was meant to, having a sedentary, unproductive and unfulfilled life which slowly takes a silent toll on you. And because you are led by your subconscious mind, you don’t even notice it. You do notice you aren’t happy. You blame your genetics for your weight gain and you create a vicious cycle of pain and self-harm from your negative thoughts. You are unknowingly hurting yourself.

You suddenly feel sick, tired, even exhausted and you don’t understand why. You look for the reasons behind your situation. And dear woman they are right in front of you, but you are not listening. Sometimes you listen but something comes up and you forget. Then one day you are diagnosed with diabetes.

So you ask yourself, ”why me? Don’t I have enough on my head already?” Indeed, you have. And your body can’t cope with it anymore. It has been trying to burn off the excess food you are feeding it out of painful emotions and negative stress, it has done its best to store the excess fat outside of your organs and under your skin in order to keep you metabolically healthy (and you blame your body for being fat when it is trying to protect you) but there comes a time when it can’t do it anymore. It needs your love and it needs you to listen.

I am a strong believer that behind metabolic stress there is a big mental stress that is the major cause of type 2 diabetes. I also believe it is not your fault, I trust you want to be healthy and you want to eat healthy but there are obstacles that are preventing you from achieving that. It is very easy to talk about diet and exercise to cure diabetes but if you don’t know what is preventing you from doing them then you will not be able to sustain healthy lifestyle changes. A mind that isn’t in peace because of stress and worry from daily life cannot take proper care of itself because it cannot listen to what is wrong, it is too busy caught in the crazy marathon of the life we live today. And until you don’t come to terms with that and make time for yourself and your needs, you will have to take pills that only hide and ease the physical consequences of the underlying main issue.

Not everything is fixed with a pill, and as medical professionals we need to unlearn the automation of disease/pill association and start listening more carefully to the person in front of us. The physical manifestations of a chronic disease are often a situation of DIS-EASE, a much deeper difficulty they may be facing on their own and need guidance to fix. It is time to start treating patients as a whole person and not just a condition. I am absolutely sure the rate of healing will be mindblowing.