Wellness through Awareness eBook

Wellness through Awareness eBook


When you are diagnosed Pre-diabetic or Type 2 diabetic you will usually have a multidisciplinary team of physicians (General Practionner, Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, amongst others), assess your overall health and provide you with diabetic medication when needed.

However, given Type 2 diabetes’ best proven treatment to this day is lifestyle changes, it would be expected a diabetes educator, dietitian and physical trainer be assigned to you as part of the care you receive.

As we know, this is not always the case; those additional services are often a ”luxury” and you would need to hire them at your own expense and considering they would each charge you for their particular expertise and service, this adds up to a hefty additional sum on your monthly bill, and even if you do benefit from their help it isn’t as deep and supportive as the help you can get from a personal diabetes coach.

While educators are trained to teach patients what they need to do to be healthy and manage their diabetes, a diabetes coach is here to help their patients figure out how to put those instructions into practice. A diabetes coach focuses more on the day to day life obstacles.

Motivation is a large component of coaching that stands out when compared to what the other health care team members do and most of all, a diabetes coach is a friend that understands your struggles and is here to show you that you can get and stay in shape, be healthy and come back stronger with the right MINDSET.

⁣⁣And that’s exactly what you will see when working with me personally, we start by working on your mind, even before nutrition. I am a strong believer that our wellbeing depends on our perception of life and the degree of peace and fulfillment we have from our environment and the people we surround ourselves with. If we are constantly stressed and anxious from our work or in our personal life we cannot sustain healthy lifestyle changes, why? Simply because we aren’t happy. When we aren’t happy we can’t make good decisions in terms of food and habits in a consistent manner because emotional distress makes us want to find quick fixes, often resulting in binging on food. We can’t think of how to become healthy when we’re anxious because our mind is completely taken with how to deal with this stress. It’s only once we get rid of it that we can align back with our goals and what matters to us the most.

In addition to my medical background I have studied countless amounts of the latest scientific articles to learn what is the most effective when it comes to lifestyle changes and health promoting adaptations for Pre-diabetic and Type 2 diabetic patients and worked alongside a dietitian and physical trainer to bring you all this information, which I constantly update, all in one place at a fair price because no one deserves to feel neglected and alone when it comes to their health if they really want to make a change. ⁣

The Wellness through Awareness eBook is a very informative yet general guide on Type 2 diabetes and lifestyle that I recommend to all Pre-diabetic and Type 2 diabetic women who would like to lose weight, feel their best and avoid the dreaded complications that come with an uncontrolled diabetes.

Before you purchase the eBook, to maximize and speed up your results, consider choosing a plan that includes the eBook + my personal coaching program where you get to work with me directly starting from 8 to 12 weeks until you feel you don’t need my help anymore.

You can choose email coaching + eBook or the complete coaching program including 1:1 weekly calls, unlimited messaging, personalized exercise plan, meals assessment + eBook.

You may also purchase the eBook alone.




The L.A Diabetes Coaching program for women with excess weight & type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes
In this program, women learn how to love and embrace themselves fully despite the hardships that living with diabetes involve. They learn everything they need to know about Type 2 diabetes, how to best tackle the condition and live their best lives whilst losing weight with a mind full of optimism, self-care and confidence.