Coaching package 3

Coaching package 3


Independent Action Taker

Includes: -Wellness through Awareness eBook + 1 coaching call

What takes place during our coaching call?

a) We will pin-point the current obstacles in your day to day life that are preventing you from implementing and sustaining healthy changes in your habits.

b) We cut through all the overwhelming diet/nutrition information in the internet and social media and go straight to the basics, what you should eat and what should be avoided. Note we do not cut out ANY food groups. You will still be able to enjoy what you love but in a more structured way as long as you are consistent with your main nutrition the rest of the week days.

c) We address the simple, yet effective mindset shift that needs to take place in order for you to understand how important is it to take charge of your health RIGHT NOW and stick to the action steps I give you.

d) You will no longer fear diabetes complications because you will now be taking all the necessary steps to prevent them and the piece of mind that comes from this is priceless.

e) We discuss all your questions, doubts and concerns about your personal situation and what will work best for you in regards to the time you are diagnosed, what meds you are taking, your physical hardships and strengths and mental outlook on diabetes.

f) The difference between succeeding at reversing your diabetes symptoms and not succeeding is in how much you believe in yourself and your will to make a change FOR LIFE. We will make sure you start off with a strong foot and clear mind, you know and understand your goal is achievable and there is no more space or time for setbacks or negative thoughts.

Let’s do this!



What’s included:

  • check_circle Wellness trough Awareness eBook
  • check_circle¬†1¬†coaching call