Coaching package 1

Coaching package 1


Coaching package 1 ⇒ 12 weeks to your transformation

This is the complete guide to your weight loss and diabetes reversing journey.

If you are consistent with our action steps and lifestyle adjustments your weight will drop and we will aim at drastically reducing your need for diabetes medication as you attend regular check ups and adjustments with your Doctor and Endocrinologist during those 3 months of our coaching time.

Remember: Type 2 diabetes manifests itself because of habits and lifestyle patterns that do not promote good health (in addition to having genes that make us prone to develop T2 diabetes) that we have been leading for several years. Diabetes pills and insulin ONLY alleviate your insulin resistance and its consequences but DO NOT fix the underlying problem, we address those with my coaching, that’s where the real changes that matter start to happen.

Includes: -Wellness trough Awareness eBook

                -Nutrition guidelines + exercise guidelines

                -Personalized meals assessment and lifestyle analysis

                -Action Steps Sheet based on your Pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes factors (I tailor the action steps you take based on your current health, time you are diagnosed with diabetes and your current lifestyle habits and ability to gradually adopt new changes).

          -Daily email and whatsapp support/follow-up scheduled communication and check-ins.

               -Weekly coaching call (total of 4 calls per month)

               -Live workout videos

               -Monthly exclusive educational sessions

We will be setting new achievable and fun goals as you advance and see results from this amazing program. Be prepared for a roller-coaster of emotions and life changing insights!



This is a renewable 12 week plan.
What’s included:

  • check_circle Wellness trough Awareness eBook
  • check_circleNutrition guidelines + exercise guidelines
  • check_circlePersonalized meals assessment and lifestyle analysis
  • check_circleAction Steps Sheet based on your Pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes
  • check_circleDaily email and whatsapp support and check-ins.
  • check_circleWeekly coaching call
  • check_circleLive workout videos
  • check_circleMonthly exclusive educational sessions