The Woman with an ego-driven self-love allows herself to do whatever she likes, let’s herself slip on a frequent basis on things that require self-control and some discipline. This self love tends to turn into passive self-destruction because it doesn’t come from a place of safety and awareness. She THINKS she loves herself but something is missing.
She doesn’t walk the talk or proves it to herself by doing the things that matter to the wellness of her mind and body.
Of course I love myself. I do whatever I please. I put myself first, I am selfish in a good way and I focus on what I want”.
YES. But, it has to come from a place of integrity and responsibility of self.
It can be a woman who thrives on her physical looks and goes to the extreme with exercise and training her body. She doesn’t feel satisfied if she didn’t kill herself in the gym and her biggest satisfaction is people commenting on how good she looks.
Or, it could be the other extreme, a woman who loves pampering herself, spends enormous amounts of money on shopping and expensive things, she takes care of herself SUPERFICIALLY, but she doesn’t take care of her body and mind’s wellness at all.
She binges on junk food frequently and has a completely sedentary lifestyle, she doesn’t make time to realize how she feels on the inside nor makes the time to listen to her mind and meditate.
Both these women miss the mental wellbeing part of taking care of themselves, they leave their feelings and genuine emotions (what worries them deep inside, those things they would like to work on but lack the willpower and strength to achieve) in the back shelf and focus on the superficial, easier-to-deal-with aspects.
These women can lead a great life until a difficult situation appears, THAT’S when they will have to face the consequences of not having built a strong mental foundation.
They will have to learn the hard way that balance and a clear state of mind is the basis for a healthy body and soul.
A genuine self-love will not let you slip very often. It will kick you in the bum when you act flaky and do things half well. It will make you feel guilty and remind you of what you are worthy of and the standard you should keep for yourself.
That’s what happens when you let yourself be guided by your integrity. Your conscience will not let you be overcome by your weaknesses. You will know when to say ”STOP! I am not going there”. And put yourself straight back on your lane.
It’s a no bullsh-t self-love that will let you know straight away when you’re not behaving the way you know you should be. It will call you out on your mistakes and you will listen to it.
It will push you to do what you know is right, which in turn will make you proud of yourself and make you want to continue making good decisions.
It will remind you what a Goddess you are and the way to stay in that state of mind.
It’s similar to the way you treat your children. You can give them everything they want and they in turn will be happy and praise you but they will grow up lacking basic skills and responsibilities. Or you can teach them how to fend for themselves and earn what they have and the trust of others by doing good deeds and helping those in need. This way you are raising them with values by developing basic qualities that will help them in their future especially when you are not around anymore to take care of them.
Discipline is an act of self-care and wellbeing.